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Demons and Darlings Signed Paperback

Demons and Darlings Signed Paperback

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A broken girl in chains.
A dangerous, irresistible demon.
A fake-dating deal that will test them both.

Lyra has lived her entire life in chains, both literally and emotionally. Her mother, the Goddess of Light, has kept her hidden away from the world for the last twenty-two years. Lyra knows she isn’t normal. She doesn’t get to do things everyone else gets to do. For a long time, she had accepted this as her fate. Her destiny.

But then she meets Alekzander Black, the incredibly sexy and alluring demon that owns the local bar.

At first, their deal is simple: pretend to be his girlfriend, and he will help her experience things she’d been missing all those years. But things grow complicated between late nights and whispered secrets when Alek begins to show her what life could be like free from her chains.

Her real challenge comes when she starts to feel the one thing she fears more than the wrath of her mother: hope.

From the Amazon top 30 Bestselling Author Emily Blackwood comes this delicious Hades-inspired New Adult Paranormal Romance with tropes including fake-dating, biting, forced-proximity, nightclubs, and more!

(The paperback cover is the black cover with the skull. The cover with the couple is the ebook cover).

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