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Wings So Wicked Signed Paperback

Wings So Wicked Signed Paperback

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Huntyr has fought for survival her entire life. Raised under Lord, the master of assassins in Midgrave, she has spent over twenty years learning to kill the blood-hungry, depraved vampyres that lurk in the darkness. Huntyr is the most lethal fae in the kingdom, which is why Lord chooses her to complete the next mission.

Huntyr must survive Moira Seminary and make it into The Golden City—the mysterious elite society of the few remaining angels and the magic fae who live in luxury with no crime, no poverty, and certainly no vampyres.

Only when she arrives at the academy, she’s forced to room with Wolf—the terrifying fallen angel who happens to know her assassin identity.

Determined to keep her head down in Moira, Huntyr tries her best to ignore Wolf. Over time, though, he not only becomes the only person she can lean on, but the one who might keep her alive through the life-threatening tests to get into the golden city.

A wolf and his huntress. An academy designed to break them.

Huntyr will do anything to please the assassin master, but Wolf begins to test her in ways she never imagined. Is she strong enough to stick to the mission? Or will new truths—and alliances—put everything at risk?

Wings So Wicked is a new adult fantasy romance with fae, vampyres, fallen angels, magical trials, fierce main characters, dark themes, forced proximity, 'who did this to you' moments, possessive males, rivals to lovers, elite societies, hidden identities, and so much more. Readers who love academy settings, main characters riddled with darkness, angst, and slow burn romances will devour this story!

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