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Queen of Fae and Fortune Signed Paperback

Queen of Fae and Fortune Signed Paperback

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Signed Paperback

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Fae of Rewyth Book 5
Now a complete series!

The series that began with a girl trying to save her sister now concludes with the epic finale of love, darkness, and sacrifices.

Death looms. Bonds are tested.
Kneel to the Queen of Rewyth, or die.
Jade is finally sworn in to her destiny as the peacemaker, accepting her fate and moving forward with Malachi at her side.
Now, it is up to her to ensure peace across the lands.
The Saints have given her a purpose, but it's one she cannot complete alone. Her heart is pulled in two different directions as light and darkness rival within her.
Can she defy the darkness within her long enough to save the world? Or will magic run wild before she has a chance to save everyone, including herself?

Romance. Tension. Magic. Dive into the epic finale of this fast-paced, thrilling, young adult fantasy romance as the Fae of Rewyth series comes to an end!

Catch up on the Fae of Rewyth series from book 1!

  1. House of Lies and Sorrow
  2. Prince of Sins and Shadows
  3. War of Wrath and Ruin
  4. Trials of Saints and Glory
  5. Queen of Fae and Fortune
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