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Trials of Saints and Glory Signed Paperback

Trials of Saints and Glory Signed Paperback

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Book 4 in the Fae of Rewyth series

Narrowly avoiding death's grasp has left Jade confused and vulnerable, especially after Rewyth's enemies brought war to the kingdom.
Now, Jade and Malachi are ripped from their home and forced to travel to the Paragon's temple, where Jade is forced to complete the Trials of Glory and prove her worth to the Saints.
Although their bond grows stronger every day, Malachi can do nothing but watch as Jade is pushed to her limits.
New powers emerge. New secrets are uncovered.
Jade's destiny as the peacemaker looms closer with every passing day.
Can Jade survive the trials and become the person she was born to be? Or will discovering new truths change her life forever?

Jump into this binge-worthy young adult fae fantasy romance series at book 1,
House of Lies and Sorrow, and catch up on the thrilling story of Jade and Malachi!

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