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War of Wrath and Ruin Signed Paperback

War of Wrath and Ruin Signed Paperback

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Signed paperback

Book 3 in the Fae of Rewyth series

Saints save us...

Jade has returned to Rewyth where she must decide who she can and cannot trust. With enemies around every corner, she struggles to discover the truth about her identity and where her new power originates from. Her feelings for Malachi confuse her more with every passing day, especially when her mind is telling her he's nothing but trouble.

Malachi is now the King of Rewyth. Court members watch every decision he makes, challenging his every move. Is he strong enough to lead the kingdom to victory against the upcoming war against the mighty Paragon? Can he defend his human wife in the face of her enemies, even when her magic could threaten them all?

War of Wrath and Ruin is book 3 in the Fae of Rewyth series, an action-packed young adult fae fantasy romance!

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